In House Security & Support

IONM Security & Support

We employ our own IT Department

We employ our own IT Department to keep our monitoring equipment and server network up to date with the latest hardware, software versions, virus definitions, and firewall protections.

We own our own servers and private network

By owning our own servers and private network we can best serve our clients by providing encrypted online oversite and secured storage of patient data after surgery. Data from a previous surgery is easily retrieved and can be reviewed by the physician at no additional cost.

We provide convenience and flexibility 

Our surgeons often review the anterior portion of a surgery before beginning the posterior portion on the same patient on subsequent days. We bring that record to the operating room with us or deliver it to the physician's office in the days preceding the second half of the procedure for review. Providing this convenience and flexibility allows surgeons and staff to concentrate on patient care without worrying about the logistics of record keeping.