Why Us


Our Services

Evokes, LLC is an established, innovative company making the protection of neurologic structures our priority.  All of our highly qualified technologists are registered and/or certified with a minimum of 18 months supervised fellowship experience in the Electroneurodiagnostic field.  We also have one of the most stringent training programs in the industry backed by ACNS guidelines, and accredited by ABRET. For continued quality assurance, real time online physician interpretations are provided.


Neurophysiological Monitoring can in most cases be adapted to fit the needs of the individual patient where neural pathways are at risk. We strive to provide excellent, leading edge care in order to ensure the best patient protection and a positive surgical outcome.

We are able to provide intraoperative monitoring for a wide variety of surgeries and are constantly improving through continuing education,

Clinical Services

In addition to IONM, Evokes also offers clinical EEG, EMU, and Long Term Monitoring services.