Why Us


Cost Effective Services 

Why is outsourcing with Evokes, Inc. cost effective for my hospital/surgery center?

✓ No capital expenditures required to purchase monitoring equipment, maintenance agreements, and upgrades

  • Neuromonitoring equipment prices typically start between $45,000 - $60,000 per unit
  • Extended warranties cost $12,000 - $25,000 per unit
  • Many facilities need 3-5 neuromonitoring machines to adequately staff surgery schedules
  • Shelf life is typically 5 years as manufacturers stop supporting older systems

 ✓ No fulltime staff needed – (1 full time IONM tech - $100,000 per year)

  • Average salary for IONM tech is $60,000
  • Many facilities need 3-5 IONM techs to adequately staff surgery schedules
  • No insurance premiums and payroll taxes
  • No on call pay
  • No shift differential pay
  • No holiday or vacation pay
  • No continuing education costs

✓ Evokes is the only company to work with your in-house neurologists to keep the professional component inside your hospital

  • Why let that valuable revenue source leave your facility?
  • Low overhead allows us to keep vital receivables streaming back into your hospital/surgery center
  • Remote physician oversight is accomplished by a secured VPN connection through Evokes owned server network in real time